The family of Clip filters is growing: Clip-Filters for Pentax K1 and K1 MkIIRead More
Our Xmas present for you: The Astronomik calendar of the Lunar phases in 2019 is ready.Read More
Finaly ready: Clip-Filters for Nikon fullframe bodiesRead More
Why we are shipping filters in protective rings.Read More
A short description of a modification of a Sony Alpha 7 body and first impressions with Astronomik Clip-Filters installed.Read More
A nice comparision of an Astronomik UHC with a UHC from a chinese factory.Read More
Major news for the NEAF 2018...Read More
The Astronomik calendar of the Lunar phases in 2018 is ready.Read More
The New Astronomik XT filter are specially designed for wide angle - astrophotography with short focal lengthsRead More

The new Clip-Filter for Sony Alpha 7 are finaly ready!

Read More
The new Clip-Filters for the Canon EOS M series are available now.Read More
The Astronomik calendar of the Lunar phases in 2017 is ready.Read More
We will participate at the IAS 2016 at Stoneleigh Park (UK/GB)Read More
Michael Sidonio took an amazing image of IC 4628 selected as the APOD of julyy 4thRead More
Astronomy Technology Today has published a review of our Typ 2x L-RGB and the 12nm emission line filtersRead More
SkippyFoV - is a nice little programm to calculate the field of View for AstrophotographyRead More

Amit Kamble from New Zealand shows amazing images taken with a unmodified Canon 6D.

Read More
We have completed the prototypes of some new Clip-Filters.Read More
Astronomik supplies entrance windows for another CCD camera manufacturerRead More
Michael Sidonio has discovered a dwarf galaxy close to NGC 253Read More

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