Finaly we are able to offer Clip-Filters for the large Full-Format Cameras Canon EOS 5D and 6DRead More
Good news for our customers in south amerika: Caleidocosmo, based in Sao Paulo (Brazil) is our latest resellerRead More
We will show our filters at NEAF 2013 held in Suffern, NY (USA) in April.Read More
ASTRONOMIK will take part at the European AstroFest 2013 held at 8th and 9th of february at Kesington Conference Center in London.Read More
Worldwide shipping for only EUR 9,90Read More
At the "les Rencontres du Ciel et de l’Espace" held in Paris from the 1.-3. November ASTRONOMIK will be represented.Read More
Canon DSLRs are used worldwide for astronomical imaging. And Canon recommends Astronomik filters to get the best results!Read More
The ATT will open it´s doors at the 5th of may in Essen. We will be present with a small booth.Read More
ASTRONOMIK will take part at the European AstroFest 2012 held at 10th and 11th of february in LondonRead More has a new foundation. One of the new features is a complete webshop for all of our filters.Read More
Michael Sidonios amazing image of the Seagull nebula was selected as the NASA Astronomy Picture of the day (APOD) for the 12th january 2011.Read More
We have done a complete re-design of all our photographic CCD filters: In some cases our filters produced halos around bright stars with certain instruments. We have improved all of our photographic filters and the new halo-free filters are shipping.Read More
The innovative Astronomik Clip-Filter System for Canon EOS cameras got a "Hot Product 2009" award by american magazine "Sky and Telescope"
The third David Malin Award for Michael Sidonio!Read More
An astronomy article on the german news-page "Spiegelonline". Images taken with Astronomik filters.
Axel Mellinger has done a new panorama of the whole milkyway. This time he used CCD cameras and Astronmik Filters!Read More
Astronomik will be present at the 11th HTT in Herzberg (D). Test our filter live at your telescope under a realy dark sky!Read More
Review of the Astronomik CLS-CCD light pollution surpression filter in Astronomy Technology TodayRead More
Astronomik will participate at the 1st CEDIC in Linz 2009Read More
Astronomik will be present at the 10th Herzberg Telescope ConventionRead More

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