Michael Sidonio took an amazing image of IC 4628 selected as the APOD of julyy 4thRead More
Astronomy Technology Today has published a review of our Typ 2x L-RGB and the 12nm emission line filtersRead More
SkippyFoV - is a nice little programm to calculate the field of View for AstrophotographyRead More

Amit Kamble from New Zealand shows amazing images taken with a unmodified Canon 6D.

Read More
We have completed the prototypes of some new Clip-Filters.Read More
Astronomik supplies entrance windows for another CCD camera manufacturerRead More
Michael Sidonio has discovered a dwarf galaxy close to NGC 253Read More
We are pleased to announce that we are offering new filters for Deep-Sky imaging enthusiasts.Read More
Andrew Cool has prepared a marvelous calendar of the Lunar phases in 2016.Read More
Pierro-Astro is our new reseller in france!Read More
Some notes about the recent chinese copies of our filters and Clip-FiltersRead More
Astronomik offers matching filter for the new ASTREL Stand-Alone CCD-Cameras.Read More
We have a new dealer in Great Britain: Astrograph Ltd. will give yo detailed help and advise in all imaging questions.Read More
Our Astronomik RGB filters are now available as Clip-filters too!Read More
Some of the most viewed images in the TWAN (The World At Night) gallery have been taken with Astronomik Filters!Read More

Sky & Telescope has selected our XL-Clip filters for Canon Full-Format cameras as a "Hot Product 2015"

Read More

The Astronomik ProPlanet 642 BP is the lastest addition to the family of Astromik ProPlanet IR-pass filters.Read More

Some of our filters are now available up to M77Read More
We will participate at NEAF 2014 held in Suffern, NY (USA) in April.Read More
The very first Astronomik EOS Xl-Clip Filters are shipped!Read More

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