Lot´s of people in the whole world would like to do nice astro-images. Usually the images from a normal DSLR suffer from the very, very low sensitvity of most cameras at H-alpha: All the nice red glowing reagions like Orions nebula, the horsehead etc. are simply missing or have bluish color.

The 6D from Canon is different to most other cameras, it has a sensitivity of about 25% at 656nm and can record H-alpha regions very well. -Without a modification!

New Zealands Astrophotographer Amit Kamble got some of our XL-Clip filters for his 6D and got amazing results! Enjoy his website [The website is no longer available]  and see his comparision of UHC, CLS and 12nm H-alpha filters!

Amit will soon add artcles about focusing, white balance, processing etc, so watch his site or our news!