Astronomik XT filters

The new Astronomik XT filters are designed to give you widefield-images with beautiful crisp and sharp stars right to the edge of the field.

Our Astronomik Clip filters are a popular and very well known tool among astrophotographers in the whole world.  Sadly image quality was limited when using them with very short focal lengths to take widefield images: Even if the normal Astronomik filters are made of 1mm thick glas only, some wideangle lenses showed aberrations in the edge of the field of view when used with Clip-filters.

The new Astronomik XT filters are coated on an ultra-thin substrate with a thickness of 0.3mm only! Due to that the residual aberations are minimized and stars are crisp and sharp right into the corner of the image

Comparison image, taken with a Canon 700D and a Sigma 10-20 mm F4,0-5,6 EX DC Wideangle lens at 10mm. Compare star sizes/figures with a conventional 1mm Astronomik filter and the 0.3mm Astronomik XT filter!

1mm Clip-Filter

Image 1: Taken with an Astronomik CLS Filter with the normal thickness of 1mm

 XT Clip Filter

Image 2: Taken with an Astronomik CLS Filter XT Filter with a thickness of only 0.33mm

This extremely thin substrate is polished to the highest standards, free of internal strain and stress and suitable even for the most advanced imaging applications.
The XT filters are produced in the same way as the normal Astronomik filters: 100% scratch resistant, not sensitive to moisture or high humidity and no-ageing. Due to this the XT filters will have the same performance today and in many years in the future.  To emphazise this you get a 10 year warranty on our filters!

Please note: Not all Astronomik filters are available as XT filters: Due to the huge amount of work to produce these ultra-thin filters, we are currently doing only a selection of filters, which are mostly used for widefield imaging. If you require a XT filter not listed below, please drop us a line.

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XT Clip-Filters

  1. Astronomik CLS XT Clip-Filter EOS APS-C

    Astronomik CLS XT Clip-Filter EOS APS-C

    excl. VAT (Non-EU): €125.21 incl. VAT (EU): €149.00
  2. Astronomik CLS CCD XT Clip-Filter EOS APS-C

    Astronomik CLS CCD XT Clip-Filter EOS APS-C

    excl. VAT (Non-EU): €150.42 incl. VAT (EU): €179.00

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