Filters for ASTREL CCD Cameras

Astronomik offers matching filter for the new ASTREL Stand-Alone CCD-Cameras.

The ASTREL Cameras (-> Website of Astrel Instruments) do have a integrated filterwheel with 7 Positions for filters with 27mm diameter and 1mm thickness.
All Astronomik filters are available in this size.
Our suggestion for a good start is a set of Deep-Sky-RGB + L-x filter for real-color imaging and a set of emission-line filter H-alpha, SII and OIII, either with 12nm or 6nm Bandwith.
If you live under light-polluted skies, we recommend to replace the L-x Filter with a CLS-CCD to reduce the effect of lightpollution in the L-channel.

Filter displayed products below by their features
  1. Remove This Item FWHM: 12nm
  2. Remove This Item Center-Wavelength: H-alpha (656nm)
  1. Ø27mm (1)

Filters for ASTREL Cameras

  1. Astronomik H-alpha 12nm CCD 27mm, unmounted

    Astronomik H-alpha 12nm CCD 27mm, unmounted

    excl. VAT (Non-EU): €108.40 incl. VAT (EU): €129.00

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