SkippyFoV - is a nice little programm to calculate the field of View for Astrophotography

Andrew Cool from Australia sends us some information about his lattest programm:



I’ve often used Ron Wodaski’s 2001 vintage CCD Calculator to see how an object will appear in a camera stuck on a scope.

 But after 15 years advancement in computing power, I figured it could do with a facelift.

Enter SkippyFoV, which uses sliders to adjust the various parameters that determine Field Of View, and provides

a real time animated image using genuine photos to show how your scope/camera will view the object.


Download SkippyFoV from


The animation of the graphics as you move the sliders is smooth on my desktop PC. How it fares on someone’s

2004 vintage laptop running XP, I know not.

SkippyFoV is not installed into the Registry. Just unzip the file into a directory of your own

making, e.g. C:\SkippyFoV, and run the SkippyFoV.exe file.


The image scale, width FoV and Height FoV sliders are “output” only, and it could well be argued that

they should be removed, leaving just text fields for those values.


Now up to v1.02, with new facility to save/load preset combinations of scope/camera, as well as one major bug smashed.


Download from



Enjoy Skippy FoV when you´re planning  your next session!