Dear Astronomers, dear Customers,

we recently got a couple of emails from customers and some resellers, that they have been contacted by a Chinese company called Yulong because of their "Optolong"filters . We were asked if ASTRONOMIK and Optolong are ''partners'', or if this is the factory where our filters are actually produced, as the design seems to be very similar.

We know them, but we are not partners and have not been partners in any way! They tried to learn about our ASTRONOMIK filters product details and design features about two years ago, by asking from artificial Facebook accounts and in emails, claiming to be amateur astronomers having questions about our products. Now they do copy our products, even the patented Clip-Filters are copied.

We have a complete  selection of their filters here, and we have tested them: ALL of them would have failed our quality control in five to eight out of ten tests which our filters must pass, before they get shipped.

We are ''surprised'' by the fact that someone is asking such high prices for Chinese products with their known quality. Here in Europe they are sold at quite high prices. Looking at these prices most customers probably expect to get filters with an equal quality for less money. But looking at our tests, you will get a product with usual Chinese quality at a high price.
Please be aware of this, if you consider to buy, sell or use these filters!

Our ASTRONOMIK filters are not made in China, they are 100% ''Made in Europe'', (Even if this does not sound as good anymore thanks to Volkswagen...) with the highest standards for design, production and quality control which allow us to offer 10 years warranty!

If you have any questions, please let us know, we will be happy to help!

Gerd & Eric