Astronomik Clip-Filter for  Canon EOS M cameras

Clip-Filter for Canon EOS M

We are proud to unveil the new Clip-Filter for the compact Canon EOS M series!

The filters can be used lenses known till today with the  EF-M Bajonett. With the adapter EF-M to EF/EF-S all Canon lenses and all lenses from other manufacturers with Canon Bajonett can be used. Of course, you may use the filters when the camera is attached to your scope too.

The filters are optimized to be used with normal lenses and with a telescope.


  • The filters can be used with Canon EOS M1, M10, M3, M5, M6, M6 MkII, M50, M50 MkII, M100 and M200 bodies. (We never got a M2 in europe.)
  • The filters can be used with all EF-M lenses
  • The Clip filter may be used with all other Canon lenses. (Using the Canon adapter from EF-M to EF)
  • The Clip filter for Canon APS-C fit into the Original Canon Adapter from EF to EF-M bajonett

Use Astronomik filters for your EOS M and enjoy marvelous images with an ultra light equipment!

 Watch the following video to see how easy the new filters can be used:


Hint for a very usefull accessory:
The EOS M, M10 and M3 are a little bit difficult to use for deep Astrophotography because any exposure time longer than 30sec can be done via pressing the exposure-button only, or via Infrared. (Up to 30sec can be set in the camera, but USB control for longer times does NOT work.) However all IR-Intervalometers we tried, do not work properly: When set to Bulb-Mode there are two IR-commands required, the first to open the shutter, the second one for closing it at the end of the exposure. All normal IR-Intervalometers do not handle that correct and a break of the length of the exposure time is the result. Good news: There is a device that handles it correct, the "SteveMRI MultiCam LEI Intervalometer" ( changes the signal from a normal programmable intervallometer to proper IR-commands! At the beginning of the exposure a signal is sent to the camera, a second one when the exposure time has ended. With this device all features of a normal programmable timer (Time-to-start, length of exposure, break between exposures, number of exposures) can be fully used. If you have a advenced device for exposure-ramping even this will work: Simply plug the cable into the LEI Intervalometer and it will convert all signal to proper IR-Commands. (Direct Link to the MultiCam LEI Intervalometer)


The filters listed below are usually available from stock.
- If you want any other Astronomik filters as a Clip-Filter for the EOS-M, just send us a short message.
- And if you would like to know how it feels when you get your filter, just have a look at this video on YouTube


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Clip-Filter Canon EOS M

  1. Astronomik OIII 12nm Clip-Filter EOS M

    Astronomik OIII 12nm Clip-Filter EOS M

    excl. VAT (Non-EU): €175.63 incl. VAT (EU): €209.00
  2. Astronomik OIII 12nm CCD XT Clip-Filter EOS M

    Astronomik OIII 12nm CCD XT Clip-Filter EOS M

    excl. VAT (Non-EU): €175.63 incl. VAT (EU): €209.00
  3. Astronomik OIII 6nm Clip-Filter EOS M

    Astronomik OIII 6nm Clip-Filter EOS M

    excl. VAT (Non-EU): €268.07 incl. VAT (EU): €319.00

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