Clip-Filters for Canon Full-Format Cameras

Since 2007 we do offer our extremly popular Clip-filters. Customers looking for a filter to be used with the "big" Bodies containing the Full-Format sensors, had to buy large (and expensive) filters to be screwed in front of a lens, as Clip-Filters were available for the APS-C sized bodies only.
All customers asking for Clip-filters for the Full-Format bodies were told "We are working on it, please wait!"

Now waiting is over, and we are proud to show you the result of our R&D:

Clip-Filters for Canon Full-Format Cameras 5D Mk II, 5D Mk III and 6D. (5D Mk I will work without LiveView only, the 6D MkII will not work with XL Clip-filters)
Please note that the XL-Clip filters will not work with the Canon 5DS, 5DSR, and the 5D Mk IV

Canon mit Clip-Filter

(The image shows a Clip-Filter for Full-Format cameras with a shiny surface to make the Clip-Filter clearly shown in the black camera.)

These Clip-Filters can be installed with your fingers only. Mounting and removing the Clip-Filter is quick and easy. It can be done at any time. No tools or modifiations to the body are necessary to use the Clip-Filters.*

Compatible Canon EOS Bodys

Model Compatible?
EOS 6D Yes
EOS 5D Yes (no LiveView)
EOS 5D Mk II Yes
EOS 5Ds No
EOS 5Dsr No
EOS 1Dx No (all versions)

If you are new to astrophotography and looking for your first filter: We do recommend getting the Astronomik CLS!
The CLS gives you maximum contrast due to it effective surpression of artifical light pollution, but still gives you neutral and well balanced colors. With the Astronomik CLS you can do very deep images of amazing quality even form a urben/suburban observing site!
For the advanced Astrophotographer we do offer a wide selection of filters: Perfect accessories for all kinds of astrophotography. To compile a usefull selection of filters for your obeserving goals we would be happy to give you advise, either via phone or eMail.
The full range of Astronomik filters is available as Full-Format Clip-Filters now. NEW: The OWB filter for daylight-photography with modified cameras is available now too.


* You might want to modify your camera to get a maximum sensetivity at H-alpha and SII for Astrophotography. But this has nothing to do with the Clip-Filters! You may use the Clip-Filters without any modifications to the body. (But some filters like H-alpha and SII-CCD might not make sense with an unmodified camera.)



The first series of XL-Clips was shipped in Dec 2013: Please read more in our news.



Mounting the Astronomik EOS XL Clip-Filter:

Mounting the Astronomik EOS XL-Clip Filter is very easy: You don´t need any tools and filters may be changed at night without any problems.
Activate "Mirror Lockup" in the Custom-Functions Menue and press the exposure button once: The flip-mirror goes up and stays there.
Now slide the XL-Clip-Filter into the body and press it in, until it rests on both arms (right & left).
Deactivate the Mirror-Lockup and your camera is ready for imaging!

The installed XL-Clip-Filter fixes the flip-mirror in the upper position. -You can´t use the optical viewfinder as long as the XL-Clip Filter is installed. For Searching, focusing and centering you should use the LiveView monitor on the back of the camera or the remote-controll via USB cable. All functions like Autofocus and Image-Stabilization remain fully functional.
The fixed flip-mirror does not cause any kind of problems or error-messages!

Mounting the Astronomik EOS XL Clip-Filter Mounting the Astronomik EOS XL Clip-Filter
Mounting the Astronomik EOS XL Clip-Filter Mounting the Astronomik EOS XL Clip-Filter




Mounting the Astronomik EOS XL Clip-Filter:

Removing the Astronomik EOS XL Clip-Filter is very simple: Pull the filter out with one finger an on arm (either right or left), get the filter with two fingers and put it into it´s storage box.
The flip-mirror goes down and the camera is working as before.

Mounting the Astronomik EOS XL Clip-Filter Mounting the Astronomik EOS XL Clip-Filter
Mounting the Astronomik EOS XL Clip-Filter  





The following filters are usually available from stock:
- And if you would like to know how it feels when you get your filter, just have a look at this video on YouTube

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XL-Clip-Filter for Canon Full-Format

  1. Astronomik H-alpha 12nm Clip-Filter EOS XL

    Astronomik H-alpha 12nm Clip-Filter EOS XL

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