Am letzten Arbeitstag vor Weihnachten bekamen wir von Michael Sidonio eine eMail, in der er uns von seiner Entdeckung einer Zwerggalaxie in der Nähe von NGC 253 berichtet!

Wir gratulieren Michael zu seiner Entdeckung, und wir sind stolz, dass Astronomik Filter im Strahlengang waren!

Mehr über die Entdeckund auf IFL-Science: (englisch)

Oder ein Interview der "Canberra Times"mit  Michael als Video:


Hier Michael eMail im Orginal:

As part of a professional team lead by Aaron J. Romanowsky and David Martinez-Delgardo, this is my first involvement in a scientific discovery and my first scientific paper too.

The paper was accepted for publication in the Monthly Notices of The Royal Astronomical Society just today (dec 22th 2015) and I am pretty excited.

The paper has been in the review process for a while and under embargo until now but Subaru will do a press release, there will be a story in New Scientist shortly and it will be published by Oxford University Press soon.  

The galaxy, in this case a Dwarf Spheroidal, was first discovered in a deep image I captured of NGC 253 using my AG12and Astronomik filters. This was then subsequently followed up by deep exposures by the CHART 32 team with their 32" F7corrected Cassegrain telescope at Cerro Tololo and then finally the Suprime-Cam on the 8m Subaru telescope was used, in sub arc sec seeing, to resolve stars and confirm the discovery and galaxy classification.

So to discover something so faint and so close to such a well researched galaxy like NGC 253 is extra special and the new galaxy is called NGC 253-dw2

The last line of the abstract is very encouraging too: "We also note the continued efficacy of small telescopes for making big discoveries"

Anyway, if you are interested you can read the abstract and then download the paper (top right corner of the page under DOWNLOAD) here:

And you can see my deepdiscovery image here: 

Is that cool or is that cool..?

Oh and here is my latest image from Terroux Observatory using the new Deep Sky RGB and 6nm Ha and OIII filters J

Cheersand FröhlicheWeihnachten!

Michael Sidonio