Astronomik Clip-Filter for  Canon EOS M cameras

Clip-Filter for Canon EOS M

We are proud to unveil the new Clip-Filter for the compact Canon EOS M series!

The filters can be used with the standard EF-M 18-55mm IS lens. With the adapter EF-M to EF from Canon all Canon lenses and all lenses from other manufacturers can be used. Of course, you may use the filters when the camera is attached to your scope too.

The filters are optimized to be used with normal lenses and with a telescope.


  • The filters can be used with Canon EOS M1 and M3 bodies. (We never got a M2 in europe and we havn´t tested the new M5 yet.)
  • The filters can be used with the EF-M 18-55mm IS standard-lens and with all other Canon lenses. (Using the Canon adapter from EF-M to EF)
  • There will be a special version of the filter for the excellent EF-M 11-22 Wideangle-Zoom. This lens gives you pinpoint stars to the edge of the field. Using this lens with a CLS will give you stunning images from your next trip with lightweight luggage onl!. (Please drop us a short message when we shall inform you, once this version is available.)

Use Astronomik filters for your EOS M and enjoy marvelous images with an ultra light equipment!

 Watch the following video to see how easy the new filters can be used:


The filters listed below are usually available from stock.
- If you want any other Astronomik filters as a Clip-Filter for the EOS-M, just send us a short message.


Clip-Filter Canon EOS M

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